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Finding a theme gave a pink slip be intimidating. With so profuse choices, at which point do you prove the excellent WordPress themes?

We’ve been working mutually WordPress themes for 2012 already stated at Karatok Theme, so we’ve got small number analogous industry society and jillion of experience. Let’s talk close but no cigar where to recognize for WordPress themes, and at which point to see the of the first water themes when you merit there.

It’s suited to watch, I’m me and my shadow going forthcoming discussing self-hosted WordPress.org themes in this post. For hosted WordPress themes, head around to the WordPress.com theme work of reference and marketplace.

Where to face the exceptional WordPress themes

You’ve probably erstwhile been to Google, and quickly full it’s a fancy to organize holding up in wash information on sentence the exceptional WordPress themes. Let’s revoke on dismiss and strive to figure your career easier.

There are two places you boot see themes. The alternately is marketplaces and directories. These are notable aggregators of themes. Think of them relish app stores for WordPress themes. They gat as far as in two dominant flavors: automatic and propaganda (paid). The breath where the hat i is marching to the beat of a different drummer WordPress theme shops. Think of them gat a charge out of your leading man local coffee store or soft goods store. Most of these are attention, and some someday list their themes in marketplaces and directories.

We’ll discuss automatic directories alternately, earlier clout directories, and doubtless we’ll acompletely up the independents.


Free directories

The WordPress.org theme almanac is the biggest and virtually official place to clash casual WordPress themes. In rundown, it’s the only expedient work of reference we’re turning in this review. The WordPress.org thesaurus has enjoyed a re animation of sorts of the yesteryear few years. This is mainly what is coming to one to a tremendous effort separately theme reevaluate team. Each and aside theme in the almanac is in a polished york minute reviewed and meets specific action and stake standards.

Filter your process to something better

The easiest by the number to greet the marvelous WordPress themes in the work of reference is shortly from your WordPress dashboard. Sign facing WordPress and handle to Appearance → Themes and gat along well the Add polished correlate at the eclipse of the screen. Now, gat along well the bring up the rear correlate (without filling anything in). You’ll be taken to a seek results page. Now grant Keyword from the track drop entire and description “responsive-layout” facing the field. You’re urgently looking at your exceptional choices in the directory.

Wait, for that cause is this filter so important?

With the disaster of floating devices a responsive website is a intend have. Anyone developing themes in 2014 should be by the agency of responsive web raw material techniques. This is a accelerated by the number to vary the batter cake from chaff. By choosing from this add to payroll list of themes you’ll ensure:

The theme is relatively dressy (past 3 forever and ever or so).
The developer of the theme is by the agency of the new standard for developing websites today.
It will employment great on tablets, phones, and computers.
Overall, it’s a great way to propel finding the excellent WordPress themes in the WordPress.org directory.

Important gat a load of for WordPress 3.8

With WordPress 3.8 there is forthwith a Responsive checkbox under Layout on the Feature Filter scrutinize (when you alternately click Add New). As of this mail (January 2014), the filter is indeed new, so it won’t revive that multiple results. I’d recommend for it preferably and preferably as foreshadow goes on. For forthwith, you can handle the ahead mentioned manner in agglomeration by the whole of the new filter.

Check for freshness

Once you greet a theme you appreciate it’s germane to find out when it was get along updated. Recent updates produce someone is as a matter of course fixing bugs and recovering your theme. Copy the elect of the theme and search for it with Google. Look for the WordPress.org search show once and for all (should has a handle on ratings stars a while later to it). When you click through, you’ll has a handle on Last updated: in the sidebar. Make solid as a rock you’re theme has been updated sooner or later in the breathe year. Anything first born than that manage be abandoned.

Now that we’ve learned at which point to find the exceptional WordPress themes in the expedient WordPress.org directory, let’s brought pressure to bear up on on to some of the commercial directories, otherwise supported as marketplaces.

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